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Best Content of the Week

This week's list will get you to challenge some of your preconceived notions about nutrition coaching. Do calories matter? Are all foods the same when macros are the same? How do you get a client to actually do the things they say they're going to do—and consistently? Check out this week's best social media post, then be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to discover more great nutrition-related content.

— Dani Singer

Best Article

How to Prevent Burning Out as a Fitness Professional -- Tony Gentilcore, tonygentilcore.com

This is an article Tony wrote five years ago that he updated and is still relevant today. He explains you need to go into a personal training career with your eye wide open and to focus on the "big rocks" if you want a sustainable career in fitness.

— Shane McLean


Best Video

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep ... -- Xander Connabeer, JLX Coaching

Last week we featured an article about "invisible" stress and this week's video is covering the other "S" that I think most people overlook when it comes to overall health, quality of life, and physical progress: sleep. This week's video is an incredibly comprehensive and succinct overview of why sleep is so important and actionable tips to improve yours or suggest to clients.

— Esther Avant


Best Social Media Post

Posted by Allie Henrie on October 7, 2021

While tracking macros may not work for everyone, macro education isn't just another diet (we're looking at you, IIFYM). Understanding the chemical structure of the food we eat is an invaluable tool to have regardless of your goals, or lack thereof. As Allie Henrie says in her post this week, "Being nutrition literate will allow you to make educated decisions for yourself about your health." Check out her post for more.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

300 Little Things Part 1 -- Mark Zarate, Cool, Calm & Chaotic

Mark Zarate shares a third of his "300 little things"—a fun, lighthearted, yet profound list of life lessons that will make your life just that much better. From excellent health advice to relationships to music, from conventional to abstract, Zarate covers a lot of ground in this shareable, bookmark-worthy episode.

— Mike Howard

More Great Fitness Content

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