The following is a guest post from Marc Rosamilia. 


I was told that I must consume myself in my businesses to be successful. That I must eat, sleep and breathe in my training business.

How many times have you heard a successful "guru" tell you that he wakes up at 4am? He says you need to keep your eye on the prize. The most important thing is to have laser focus on your  training, networking, marketing, and all of your other business goals 24/7.

Constantly hearing this caused me anxiety as I started to develop my training business from an idea/concept to the real thing. I was facing the normal challenges that we all do upon start-up, but with some other very important responsibilities.

I've got a son, Marc Jr. and a 5 year old girl Kasey. They're my first priority.

I understand that part of my role as my children's caretaker is to provide a stable financial household, but not at the expense of being absent in their lives. The hours of a personal trainer are not ideal. Yet, we are at the mercy of our clients and need to work around their 9-5 schedule.

The days that I leave the house at 5:30am while my children are asleep then come home when they're in their pajamas going to bed at 8:30am break my heart. Not to mention all the other things that are going through my head: managing, marketing, and growing my business.

Passion will ascend you to the top of the field but don't forget what really matters.

In the beginning I was so excited about opening my own facility, and finally realizing a lifelong dream. I wanted to be there from open to close, but this was unrealistic and selfish. I've always prided myself of placing family first before anything but this was going to be lost if I continued to take advice from people in the industry. Most of these gurus were either single, younger, or with a lot less responsibility than myself .

Here's how I balance my duties as Personal trainer AND Dad:

Plan your day in advance

Write a list of things you need to accomplish for yourself and for your family each night before you go to sleep, and prioritize them. Have an action plan for each day, just like you have a training plan for your client. Preparation is the key to success.

Eliminate distractions

Turn off the computer & put your IPhone out of reach when you are spending time with your family. Be fully present when spending time with your family. Technology robs us of quality time. Put it away and focus on the people that matter.

Embrace the time you have

Fortunately, I've a break in the day to pick up my kids and spend a few hours with them until my return to the gym. Don't watch the clock, or worry your client - put those worries aside and be emotionally available for your family. If you only have 30 minutes, truly embrace that time with your loved ones. Look your children in the eye, listen to their words, hug and kiss them, & enjoy each precious moment. When you're through with it, you will feel a wonderful and loving connection with your family.