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The Episode: Creating Magical Client Experiences to Increase Retention and Grow Your Business

No amount of marketing can give your online training business the kind of boost you get with remarkable customer service. The client who feels cared for is going to stay with you. Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about how we can make our customers feel special. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to go above and beyond. As a special bonus, you'll get tips on creating a unique welcome package from the Doogie Howser of online training (aka Amber).

Key Points and Time Stamps

  • The old guy in the podcast, hairless chests, and the badass Jedi mayor
  • Thinking of doing something special for your clients
  • How to give gifts the right way
  • Amber shares her welcome package contents (Click the link to see what she includes, and why.)
  • The value of sending an actual birthday card vs. an annoying Facebook greeting


“There are key processes in a company that can make a ton of difference for your clients, and employees that can garner different emotions, if you know when and how to maximize this value of delighting people when they don't expect it.”

– Carolina Belmares


Turning mundane things into remarkable experiences

No retention strategy is more powerful than doing something special for your client. The best gifts are the ones they don't expect, and always remember.

Invest time for your clients

You can't give a meaningful gift until you spend enough time with your client to know what they'll value. You know what they won't value? A promotional item you hand out to every client. They might enjoy and appreciate it, but it won't make them feel special, or that you went out of your way for them.

Maximize the value of the right moment

Think about the impact of giving someone flowers on Valentine’s day vs. sending them on a random Tuesday in June. It’s the exact same gesture, but it'll have a lot more meaning when you do it when they least expect it.



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