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The Episode: How to Price Online Training for Max Profit and Max Clients

How much should you charge? Wasn’t that in a previous episode already? How much should you charge for max profit and max clients? Now that’s something new! Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about creating business models that sell for maximum profits. They get into why you should think beyond using your business as a nine to five and how you can create wealth on top of paying the bills.

Key Points and Time Stamps

  • Jonathan gets a great haircut after almost losing his house
  • Taking pride in what you do
  • Setting yourself up for profit on top of a salary
  • Profit builds wealth, but don’t follow what casinos tell you to do!
  • Making more money in less time, over time!


"That's why companies generate profit and save - because there will always be a time, no matter how good a company is, that things don't go quite right." – Jonathan Goodman


Don’t Make Your Business a Nine to Five

Before deciding how much to charge, look at how much profit you want. You can hire yourself for a job initially, but you ultimately want to generate dividends and make multiple streams of income.

Establishing a Model that Sells

You want to build a business that generates profit. Your salary covers the bills, but it’s the profits that create wealth! Building a model (or models) would allow for that profit, depending on how much you charge.

More Money in Less Time

The grind is supposed to be only in the beginning. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every new client.




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