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The Episode: Convert More Clients By Understanding These Two Things

Have you ever been on a sales call and the client bursts out in tears? Today, Carolina, Ren, and Jonathan dive deep into why emotions play such a big role in any business and why you should understand what your client wants to change about themselves before you start working with them. They also talk about the difference between features and benefits and how they convey value for your business.

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Key Points and Time Stamps

  • Ren’s experience as Harry the Hound!
  • Jonathan’s Chipotle disaster
  • Online Trainer Coaching is coming soon!
  • In person, you have restrictions; online, you don’t have to
  • How an outline gives your clients a sense of certainty


“Emotion sells - logic justifies.” – Jonathan Goodman


Emotion Vs. Logic

A feature is logical, a benefit is emotional. In order to grab someone’s attention, you have to use emotional appeal and if you do it correctly, clients don’t actually care about your product or service.

Involving More Services Could Decrease Value

People want to do as little as possible as quickly as they can in order to better themselves. If you require more from them, they may second guess signing up. Keep it simple and easy.

Sales is Curiosity

Get to know your clients so that you can work closer with them and make it easier for them. Being curious and asking questions will help get past the fluff and eventually bring out the true answers.




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