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The Episode: For Trainers Who Suffer from Mental Health Struggles

As trainers and coaches, we are well aware of the power of a proactive approach to health, and this is no different in the case of mental health. We believe that therapy or any form of counseling can help anyone, and does not have to occur as a reaction to a difficult situation or setback. In fact, just as with physical fitness, the best approach is a proactive and preventive one. There is such a wide array of difficulties that humans face, whether these are related to past traumas or anxieties and stresses, so speaking to the right person can make a huge difference to our lives and even our business and work with clients.

In This Episode

  • The decision to see a mental health professional
  • Finding the right person to speak to
  • Gratification, patience, and learning styles
  • Therapy should be a proactive measure instead of a reactive one
  • The natural way that mental health work fits into work as a fitness coach
  • Reaching out and finding the support you need


“Some people don't like labels, then don't use the label. If the label fits and if it is something that is helpful to you in terms of understanding how your brain functions, then use it!” — Carolina Belmares


Seeking Out the Help that You Need

Talking to a therapist can be one of the most valuable things you spend your time and money on. We already know the value of coaching, and this is no different, you will experience the rewards just as you do in fitness! It is incredibly empowering and life-changing to gain self-knowledge and the useful tools that therapy provides, so this avenue of development should not be neglected.

The Proactive Approach to Mental Health

It is important to take the time to find the right person, and usually, a good fit will be immediately apparent. There is an obvious financial investment necessary but if you can bite this bullet you will undoubtedly reap the rewards. If you are lucky enough to have the cost covered in some way, whether it be through work or insurance, that is a bonus, but do not let the cost discourage you from pursuing something so central to your wellbeing. You also do not have to wait for things to go wrong, a proactive approach will always trump a reactive one!

Making Positive Changes

At this point, there is an abundance of literature illuminating relationships between how our minds work and the success we experience in our lives. Through self-awareness, we are able to build our practices in ways that suit our unique tendencies, and therapy will shed light on these. There is an argument to be made that everyone should do some form of therapy as we can all benefit from talking about our history and problems, so do not shy away from seeking help. Why wouldn't you want to break the cycles that cause issues in your life?


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