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The episode: 14: “Improvement Over Perfection” with Dan Martin

Fourteen years ago, Dan Martin was overworked, stressed, and out of shape. So he made a choice that would alter the course of his health and his career. He decided to do better.

Today, he owns three gyms, runs an online nutrition business, and still finds time to work with clients on the floor. Granted, his life still isn’t perfect. But then again, that’s kind of the point.

It’s about improvement over perfection, says Dan. “That’s a mantra I use almost every day.” It has helped him make consistent forward progress, the key for sustainable growth.

He applies it to his personal training business in a few ways: by keeping daily tasks manageable not ambitious, stacking good days, moving forward in the face of disappointment, being decisive, and focusing on his unique skill set rather than trying to compete with larger gyms.

Listen in as Dan shares how to implement these lessons, including the invaluable tool he uses to measure success and the key to finally picking the right personal training software. Plus: Discover how to leverage your imperfections to create an advantage in your personal training market.

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