THE PODCAST: 360 Degrees of Success

THE EPISODE: 15: Dr. John Berardi


Ever had a client ignore your diet advice? Of course you have. You stress vegetables and lean protein, but your client’s food log is filled with takeout and processed snacks. No surprise the client isn’t losing weight. But what more can you do? As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink.

“But you can make it very, very thirsty,” adds John Berardi, PhD, cofounder of Precision Nutrition. “When you see as your job … you come up with thousands of new creative strategies.”

In this 2016 episode of 360 Degrees of Success, Berardi speaks directly to every trainer who’s ever struggled to help a client eat better. While the task may seem like a challenge, it can actually be the easiest thing in the world—if you understand the psychology of behavior change.

“Most people are doing it wrong when it comes to changing their nutrition,” Berardi says. “I don’t mean individuals. I mean the coaches themselves.”

That’s because many coaches craft advice around best-case circumstances rather than the real-life scenarios clients face every day. The key to giving effective advice, says Berardi, starts with shifting the way you view your clients—and yourself.

As a leading nutrition coach and a wildly successful entrepreneur, Berardi’s insights and advice make this episode a must-listen for any trainer.

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