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The Episode: The Secret to High Quality Online Assessments

How can you accurately tell if your clients have made any progress as they work with you? How do you assess what program to do in the first place? Is it even possible for online trainers? Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about the secret to high-quality online assessments and how to do them without fancy gym equipment! They also clear common misconceptions that you might have about the topic.

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Key Points and Time Stamps

  • The importance of doing a little research before sending a message
  • The benefits of being an online trainer – bringing your work on your travels.
  • Why are mental assessments better than others?
  • A proactive and lateral approach.
  • The majority of tests are invalid. Use tape measures instead!


“Look at assessments and always favor reliability. Choose markers of progress that you know can be reliable from step to step. You can be reasonably confident that whatever you're being reported is accurate.” – Jonathan Goodman


The Reality with Assessments

It’s only a document that shows if you might hurt a person, what your clients are susceptible to, and ensuring that they get better with as little risk as possible.

The Best Assessment is the Mental Assessment

Figure out the “why” of your clients, how ready they are, and what you could impact in their life through your training. It’s never just getting a six-pack, but something more emotional.

Reliability over Validity

Most of the tests out there aren’t valid anyway. Choose assessments that can identify red flags where you might need to send them to get medical help. If there aren’t any serious issues, use reliable tests like using a tape measure to record your client’s progress!





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