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The episode: 17: “Success Is Not a Numbers Game” with Hayley Earley

Hayley Earley’s first pregnancy was tough, and not just because she was working 30 client hours a week.

Sickness would strike often, sometimes during a session. She even placed trash cans strategically around her facility, in case she couldn’t make it to the restroom in time.

“Talk about awkward,” says Hayley, who was not only training clients but also leading a hospital’s corporate wellness department, a stressful job with a challenging schedule.

Still, Hayley loved the work, which explains why she stayed there for 10 years.

But when her husband was offered a full-time job with the military, Hayley agreed to step away from her job so he could take the opportunity. Soon after, she learned that the department she’d worked in had been shut down.

With that, she decided to give online training a try.

“I had played around with the idea of going online for a couple of years, but … I didn’t have the headspace to figure out,” she says. “I felt like the only way to do it was to start from the bottom up and re-create the wheel. But I didn’t even know what that wheel looked like.”

So Hayley signed up for the Online Trainer Academy, and saw that online training was not nearly as hard as she thought.

“I was blown away by how simple they made it,” she recalls. In no time at all, she had her first online clients. “They came to me,” she says.

Now pregnant with baby number two, she spends just five hours a week on her business and makes as much as $1,000 per month, more than enough to cover continuing education costs and take a little pressure off the family budget.

Best of all, she can schedule her work around her family.

The lesson: There is no one way to do online training. You could go full-time and maybe make six figures. Or have it as an outlet to give you purpose outside of being a mom (like Hayley).

Listen to this episode to find out how Hayley makes her training business work for her, including the daily ritual that helped her get started, how she stays involved with clients, and how she defines success.

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