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The Episode: What the Week of an Online Trainer Looks Like

Have you ever wondered what the weekly schedule of an online trainer is like and what the expectations for interaction are from the client’s perspective? In this episode, we give you a behind the scenes look at a week in the life of an online trainer. From the frequency of video calls to those encouraging messages mid-way through the week, we cover it all. (And since Jonathan is clean-shaven for this episode, you can bet he’s got some impressive plans up his sleeve!)

In This Episode

  • The value of sending out an accountability questionnaire to your clients on Sunday
  • What to include in a short video for those clients who answered the questions
  • An office hours post on Monday lets clients know when you are available for calls  
  • Creating a touchpoint in the middle of the week to check in on progress  
  • Ren talks about the funny scales he comes up with to establish where clients are at  
  • The potential for contact is more important to your clients than the actual contact  
  • Some of us work in a more unstructured manner – and that’s also fine!  
  • Understanding that your job will largely involve encouraging and hand-holding  
  • Be like a Facebook algorithm by looking for keywords in your clients’ dialog  
  • The importance of considering your personality type in setting up a work structure  
  • Amber shares how she plans out her week while also enjoying spontaneity  
  • When journey-mapping skills and automating responses come in handy


“Your clients don’t need you there every second; they need you there when they need you, and they need to know that you are there for when they need you.” — Jonathan Goodman


Create the Possibility for Contact

Here’s an interesting observation: it is more important for your clients to know that you are there for them when they need you than what it is to be in constant contact with you. People live busy lives and do not have all day to speak to their coaches, but knowing that you are there when it matters is crucial.

Stay Up to Date

There are many ways you can touch base with your clients. In addition to video conferences, you could send out a questionnaire on Sundays to establish how they fared over the past week and check in with them in the middle of the week to keep them going strong. Your job as an online trainer will also involve putting out fires, so when your client sends you an anxious message, you have the chance to put their minds at ease and get them back on track.

Be Conscious of Your Process

Whether you prefer a methodical, proactive, or reactive process and structure, it does not matter – as long as you know that this is the process that works best for you and your personality type. Being aware of your preferred structure also allows you to enjoy your engagement with clients rather than getting burnt out and wanting to give up.


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