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The Episode: The Best Apps and Software to Manage Your Online Training Business

After a discussion about Hamilton and the biggest birthday bash of the century, Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about their favorite apps and software to use in their online training business. There’s no need to overthink when finding what tool to use. All of these are good enough for what you need, so make sure to keep in mind what you want to deliver and pick accordingly.

Key Points and Time Stamps

  • Carolina’s big birthday bash and the Jedi mayor taking out the guesswork
  • Trainerize and ProCoach – user-friendly and habit-building
  • Canva and Facebook – edit photos and build your brand with ease!
  • Get your notebooks ready for Jonathan’s recommendations
  • Bruce Wayne’s apps have to match his Tesla!


"One easy way to stick out answering questions in Facebook groups - shoot a video answering the question - you'll stick out like gold in a bucket full of lead. Answering questions is your branding." – Ren Jones


Trainerize (Price varies) -

It’s very easy to set up and user-friendly. You can add videos from YouTube or your videos if you have your own recordings. The visual component is key for clients!

ProCoach ($99/month+) -

This is more of a longer approach (a year-long program) as this gives daily lessons. Each day sets behavioral components to build habits that your clients need to keep up with.

Canva (Free version available) -

It’s the poor man’s Photoshop. Make photos magical without the expertise of a graphic designer! You can generate testimonials from your clients using their templates.

Facebook (Free) -

Don’t underestimate the business opportunities here! Ren got a job because people saw his content. You can build your brand by answering questions on fitness groups.

Tripit ($50/year) -

Forward all your reservations through this app! Hotels, flights, Airbnb, including necessary addresses and numbers, are all organized for you.

Evernote (Free version available) -

Besides being a note-taking app, you can use it to pull articles off from the internet to save them for later.

LastPass (free version available) -

Never go through the nightmare of remembering your complicated passwords. Additionally, you can let other people use them without them seeing it!

Hubdoc ($20/month) -

Automatically integrate all your credit cards, statements into a central filing system and take photos of receipts for your bookkeeper!

Skitch (Free option available) -

A simple app on your phone that allows you to crop and annotate pictures quickly!

TunnelBear ($9.99/month) -

This app is crucial for protecting your information when you use public networks. It’s a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that cloaks your IP address, so you don’t get hacked.

SelfControl (Free) -

A productivity tool keeps you away from procrastination. You can set a timer to block you from apps and websites, then restart your system to get access again after working!

Backblaze ($6/month) -

Save your data on this cloud software to give you peace of mind from data loss. Don’t let your precious photos and irreplaceable work files get lost forever!





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