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The Episode: What to Do When Your Clients Can't Afford Your Training

The guys palled around for a bit (which happens when Carolina takes a day off), but they eventually tackled today’s topic: What if my clients cannot afford my training? Jonathan and Ren share personal stories on the subject, Jonathan reveals a crucial mistake trainers make when trying to gain clients, and they agrees on the best way to make the biggest impact. The two takeaways: Yes to Carolina, no to Reddit.

In This Episode

  • Ren brings up a personal story relevant to today’s topic
  • How getting comfortable can get you into trouble
  • Where to focus your marketing efforts
  • The crucial mistake so many trainers make
  • Jonathan shares two illuminating stories
  • The best approach to reaching more clients
  • Jonathan’s deep realization about online trainers
  • “It’s Day One”


“It's important to focus on selling to people who can afford your training and not trying to convince people who can't afford your training to buy your training.” - Jonathan Goodman


Go Where the Money Is

Market your services to people who can afford them. That’s it. Trying to convince those who can’t is never worth a coach's time or money.

Philanthropy Gone Wrong

Entrepreneurs often try to disseminate resources by founding a company whose sole purpose is to do exactly that. Let's say someone wants to provide toothbrushes to those who can’t afford them. The best approach is to first build a profitable company that does something else. Then use some of the profits to buy toothbrushes and give them to people who need them.

Day One

A critical reason Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and so many other entrepreneurs have reaped success is this: Every day is Day One, Hour One. If you treat every day as a blank slate, where your biases have evaporated and you're hungry for new information, you'll be flexible enough to identify and take advantage of more opportunities.


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