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The Episode: How to Instantly Be More Productive Without Apps or Software

As your business grows, you can’t keep putting pressure on yourself. Otherwise, you’d burn yourself out. How can you remove some of that burden? Through improving your productivity. Wearing all black on the show, Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about how you can work better by doing less. They get into immediately actionable points, with no requirement for any app or software!

Key Points and Time Stamps

  • How many Casio watches is a Tesla Model Y worth?
  • Bug bites and bubbling Vitamin C
  • Avoiding spending half a day figuring out Facebook cover photos
  • Why you should never bring your laptop charger to a coffee shop
  • Other people can do your job better than you.


"You probably need to spend a lot less time working than you think—as long as you take time to work on things that matter, and make sure your time to work on those things is protected." - Jonathan Goodman


Sucking for 930 Minutes a Day

We’re awake for 960 minutes a day. That means we only need 30 minutes to be great. Make sure that you do the kind of work that pushes your business the most within that time frame. You can use triggers like a song, mantra, or action that gets you in the mood!

Use Time Constraints to Your Advantage

If you don’t have a time limit, you’ll take forever to finish the job. Set alarms and deadlines for yourself. Don’t bring your laptop charger if you plan to work at a coffee shop. You’ll be at your most productive state when your battery hits 10%.

Your Business Shouldn’t Be a One-Man Army

It’s not wise to handle a growing business without other people. Being productive is not being busy. Handling an increasing number of tasks would leave you with less time to pay attention to each part of the business! Have other people help you out.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - 'Tamacun' -



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