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The episode: 5: “The Two Golden Rules” with Ben Graham

Ben Graham was putting in as many as 90 client sessions a week and getting good results for his clients. Still, he didn’t want to brag.

“I was doubling down on my efforts to be good,” he says. “In fact, I wanted to be great. But nobody really knew other than the people I worked with.”

Ben’s not the first to struggle with sharing client success stories. But when he enrolled in the Online Trainer Academy, he learned about Jonathan Goodman’s two golden rules:

  1. Do a great job.
  2. Make sure everybody knows it.

That’s when it clicked: Ben’s modesty was holding him back.

“If you’re giving people any degree of progress, you should be showcasing that,” he says.

Ben now owns a private training facility, serving over 130 members with his unique hybrid approach to coaching.

Listen in to learn how Ben applied the two golden rules to level-up his business and finally achieve freedom.

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