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The Episode: Onboarding New Clients The Right Way

The process of onboarding new clients has a big impact on customer retention, commitment, and the growth of your coaching business going forward. Eliminating gaps and confusion for the client, and making the path ahead crystal clear, will increase the likelihood of their buy-in and resultant success. An important piece of this project lies in understanding each client and their particular needs and then making the necessary adjustments accordingly to usher them along the first part of their journey. What do they need early on? A quick win? Reassurance? Understanding these dynamics is vital and the better you are at mapping out potential hurdles on the way to their goals, the more they will value your service!

In This Episode

  • Mapping out the onboarding touchpoints
  • Optimizing the client experience at each juncture
  • The needs of different clients
  • Reacting to each client and keeping the focus on them
  • The importance of check-ins and continuity in the process towards goals
  • Accountability through community
  • Keeping the onboarding process simple and easy


“Great trainers recognize this kind of stuff in their clients and build it into their program.” — Jonathan Goodman


Making Use of Important Opportunities

Going into relationships with new clients means being aware of the important touchpoints in your customer journey. Each step in the early parts of the process, from messaging and receipts to check-ins, are opportunities for better communication and to show your value. If you pay attention and respond accordingly, you can easily differentiate yourself from other trainers, and stand out in a crowded field! We recommend putting yourself in their shoes and trying as much as possible to meet them where they are.

Stand Out from the Start

The onboarding process is the first real opportunity to show your clients who you are and what you have to offer. And when you couple this sort of communication with an understanding of the different sectors that you serve and how any particular client fits into this framework, you are able to tailor very strong messaging that connects with people! People might have similar goals, but generally, there are different ways to get there. Another area that seems to often be neglected is the continuity related to progress; if you have laid out a plan, then let them know how far along they are at any given time. You want to build buy-in and enthusiasm!

The Role of a Helpful Trainer

As we have said before, keep the focus on the client and put yourself and your goals second. If you can prioritize building trust and confidence, it is that much easier to maximize positives and minimize negatives! All of this important stuff is accessible as early as the onboarding process, and should not be left for a later stage of a relationship. In fact, if pieces of this are missing from the start, a client's journey might come to an early end.



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