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The Episode: People Just Aren't Buying Right Now

"People just aren't buying right now." At the Online Trainer Academy, we regularly hear this from students and coaches. While every business will have hills and valleys, we challenge the perception that some external force is preventing people from buying. Most of the time, you have more control than you think. With that in mind, we have compiled a checklist for you to run through to better assess your prospects and figure out where you need to improve.

In This Episode

  • Assessing the perception that people seem to not be buying right now
  • Getting clear on who you help and how you do that
  • Sharing your human side along with your profession
  • Creating an appropriate solution to your clients' problems
  • Sending a clear and consistent message about being open for business
  • Communicating your value in the correct way for your audience
  • Focussing on the mission of building relationships with people
  • Growing a network by engaging in spaces you would find your ideal client
  • Making sure people know about you!
  • Collecting testimonials and referrals from past and current clients


“Saying what you think is right, or what you think is the biggest opportunity is inarguably a mistake that our entire community makes, that sets them down the wrong path and gets them frustrated.” — Jonathan Goodman


Getting to Grips with the Problem

We are aware that it can sometimes feel like the market is flat or that people are not responding to you. But this checklist can help clear up where the issue is, and in our experience, it is usually something you can do something about! This feeling of powerlessness can be crippling for you and your business, so it is best to get ahead of it and move forward. The foundation, as with many of the things we teach at the Online Trainer Academy, is knowing your audience and how you help them. Once you are aware of this, you can begin to build relationships and grow your client pool. An important aspect of that is shedding light on your human side, to balance out the professional and business-focused content you are posting.

The Fundamentals of Communication

You need to be creating solutions that are suited to your ideal clients, and this means a higher level of focus on them, instead of yourself. Learn and then speak their language! Another thing we have touched on many times before is the constant message that you have to send about being open for business and what exactly you offer. If you do not explain this to people, they will not know to come to you. Communicating your value in a meaningful and benefit-focused way will also help you make the most impact on prospective clients, and you need to be talking to people and building relationships consistently.

Showing Up and Branching Out

A lot of what we do as online trainers is about the growing network that you nurture. One of the best ways to do this is to spend time in spaces and on platforms where you would find your ideal client. In these types of spaces, you need to show up authentically and consistently and work hard at letting people know what you do. The last piece of this puzzle ties it all together; collect testimonials and referrals from your past and present clients in order to keep the fire burning and the circle growing!


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