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The Episode: How to Renew the Clients You Should Be Getting

Running a successful online coaching business requires a certain level of continuity between programs and number of returning customers in order to create stability and loyalty. You do not need every client to renew with you, but the ones that can return, should not be neglected and lost. This is related to how you lay out your offer from the very first step, the way you communicate during your programs, and how you set up checkpoint and renewal calls as a program comes to an end.

In This Episode

  • The need to evolve communication styles and language
  • Realistic expectations and practices for client renewals
  • Important steps to take from the start of the process
  • Tactics for great service to clients that stimulates renewals
  • Points to remember for renewal calls


“Every single client who joins your program is joining it with the intent that they are going to do one spin around the sun with it.” — Jonathan Goodman


Putting in Place the Foundations for Renewal Calls

It is important to start with clear communication about how your service can extend beyond the immediate program. This will ensure that those who wish to renew have this in mind from the get-go. Not every client will be a good fit for renewing, but without laying these foundations in place you will miss the ones that are a right for further work together. It is not about magic words, but don't be scared to double down and underline the good feelings and results you witness, and your customers experience.

Early Steps in the Renewal Process

The communication starts in your advertising and intake process, and by staying ahead of the game and prepared you can set yourself up for success early on. Checkpoint calls and the scheduling of these as someone signs up, make the end of the program and moving on from it, that much easier and smoother. The clearer the idea you share of the work moving, the better for you and the customer.

The Power of the Service That You Offer

There is an obvious correlation between the experience of a customer and their likelihood to renew, so focussing on delivering will also boost your numbers. One way to approach this is to frame your programs as a starting point, that way the future is already in the conversation! You are then able to talk about what comes next during the current program, and perks like reduced rates for loyalty will enhance this.


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