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The Episode: Taking Control of Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

This episode is all about mindset. Being an entrepreneur means taking on a certain set of challenges and there are common ones that crop up in the business of online training that we can address. A large portion of this relates to expectations and the standards we set for ourselves, which far too often are imported from what we see elsewhere, in other businesses. In a small operation, such as many of us have, it is so vital to maintain a good level of positivity, which can easily be dampened by too much comparison and over-thinking. We are here to remind you to stay patient and see things through, non-immediate rewards are the worthwhile ones! This also means practicing mindfulness and awareness of your feelings and moods, so we do not fall into reactive and unhealthy patterns.

In This Episode

  • Common topics and questions that arise for coaches around mindset
  • Different types of self-sabotaging behaviors in the coaching industry
  • Silencing the inner critic that we all carry
  • Play your own game and set your own goals!
  • Separating goals and measurements for better results
  • Understanding where inner criticisms come from


“If you are a long term investor, you don't take investment advice from a day-trader.” — Jonathan Goodman


The Mindset of an Online Trainer

Online trainers are a particular kind of entrepreneur, with a particular set of hurdles and dynamics. One of the most common pitfalls in the industry comes about through too much comparison, and this kind of exercise can lead you to serious meltdowns and feelings of inadequacy. This bad cycle is what you have to escape! It is thus necessary to take control of our inner voice, which can so easily become overly critical, and keep it in check.

Success Should Be Judged According Your Own Needs

You never know the game that others are playing, so stick to what you know and what applies to you. You will only encounter problems by copy-pasting external things on to yourself and your business. Take the time to get in touch with your strengths and aspirations, and that way you can make meaningful progress according to your own situation. Remember, anything worthwhile takes time, so patience is key.

Focussing on Your Purpose

Something helpful and healthful to keep in mind: goals and measurements are not the same thing! If you can concentrate on your purpose rather than reaching certain numbers, you will be better prepared for long-term success on many levels. We all have so many different contributing factors in our work; we start at different points, have different talents, and require different outcomes. So do your thing, and lean into what you are good at.



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