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The Episode: 12 Thoughts on Content Creation

A big part of the work of an online trainer is content creation. Coaching your clients and reaching new clients on different platforms requires that you create impactful and helpful content to deliver your knowledge online, and the better you become at doing this, the more success you will experience in your business. Here we have listed twelve great ways to improve your process of creating content, talking about consistency, tracking, research, swipe files, and many more. These twelve tips are bound to take you up a few levels and make sure to stay tuned for the last one, that just might change your life!

In This Episode

  • 1. Stop making things so complicated
  • 2. Be mindful of who your audience is
  • 3. Stay consistent with your posting schedule
  • 4. Have fun with your content!
  • 5. Target your audience and their needs
  • 6. Use keyword tools to gather information on common searches
  • 7. Listen to episodes 68 and 71 of this podcast!
  • 8. Maximize any content you make as much as possible
  • 9. Keep track of posts and their performance
  • 10. Start simple on a single platform
  • 11. Create a swipe file for your content
  • 12. Document and celebrate everything


“If you have to say the same thing over and over again, put it in one place really well, and then refer to it always.” — Amber Reynolds


Simplifying, Mindfulness, Consistency, and Fun

The first thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple! Your content does not need to be complicated, complex, and above the heads of your audience, so just remember who it is you are speaking to. A part of that relates to knowing your audience, and then making content for them accordingly. We do not need to concern ourselves with people beyond our audience, let everyone else ignore you, and scroll past your posts. Next up is consistency; make a plan that you can stick to in terms of content frequency, and then follow through on that. We also would highly recommend having fun with what you post, it does not need to be overly serious and in many cases, fun and lighthearted content trumps the more serious, high-level stuff!

Targeting, Keywords, Past Episodes, and Maximizing

Coming back to your audience, we want you to zero in on them and their needs, in their language. To help you with that, we recommend utilizing tools like AlsoAsked and AnswerThePublic, which provide great information on what certain demographics are searching for online. We have already had a couple of episodes of the podcast focused on content creation, so if you have not already listened to those, go do that ASAP! (Episodes #68 and #71)  With all the different platforms and formats, make sure to maximize each piece you post, milk it for everything it is worth for the greatest reach.

Tracking, Platforms, Swipe Files, Documenting and Celebrating

A big piece of successful content creation comes down to tracking your posts. You need to know what is working and to zoom in on why it works. That allows you to enhance these features and double down on success. Another great tip is to make things more manageable by sticking to one platform early on, you can always branch out at a later stage. Next up is using swipe files; this means having one place where you collect and dump all your great ideas and inspiration for an easier process and those days when you feel like you have no new ideas! Last but not least, we want to remind you to document and celebrate every part of the journey, this is what will truly connect you with your audience and help you create the biggest impact.


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