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The Episode: Your Content Is Your Life

The content you publish as an online trainer determines a large part of your success. The more closely you can align what you put out, with your own story and life, or at least an authentic vision, the more longevity and impact you will have. If you can tie yourself into the offers that you make, clients will connect much more deeply with your service and how it is promoted. This means taking an active role in your offers, bringing more of yourself into your media, and staying authentic and relatable. This approach also ensures you will have a good store of ideas and material going forward, as you will be communicating about things that you understand and experience.

In This Episode

  • Your life is your content — your content is your life
  • The three categories in question for creating content
  • Aligning your content to an authentic vision of your life
  • How to relate outside of your demographic
  • Business content on social media; pros and cons


“They should be the focus, you shouldn't be the focus. I think a lot of trainers perhaps don't do that.” — Jonathan Goodman


Aligning Yourself with Your Content

Take an inventory of yourself and your business and find the most authentic and relatable parts of this to be your guiding force in the content you put out. Your priority should be creating content that draws directly from this well and is relatable to your audience or intended market.

Authenticity Is Powerful

The number one thing that will help you connect with an audience is authenticity. If you have similarities to your customer base, show this. Mirror what they are going through and the bond that emerges will be that much stronger. This works both ways, as tying yourself into your programs and plans will create accountability for you too. Building awareness and expectation with your audience will create momentum and the tendency towards growth and progress.

Making the Content You Publish Relatable

It is also possible to create authentic content that does not draw directly from your own story. You do not have to be a mom to deliver an authentic service to moms. But it does take a lot of observation and empathy, so pay attention to your community and see what they are saying and what they need. This is another great opportunity to let your customers shine, and by making your platform more about them, you double down on relatability and reach.


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