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The Episode: Overcoming Fears of Rejection in Online Training

Work as an online trainer is littered with different types of rejection, refusal, and even supposed failures. This is part of what it takes to make progress and succeed, as you cannot make it to your goals without experiencing adversity and challenges. Here we talk about how to get past the fear of these losses in order to reach the wins, new ways to think about 'nos', and the power of asking for what you want in your life and work.

In This Episode

  • Rejection and disappointment as a trainer
  • Examples of responses to offers and reaching out
  • The disconnection between trainers and clients
  • The difficulties that arise most often and the ones to take seriously
  • Asking for what you want and facing rejection head-on


“Odds are pretty good that anybody who's in a position you aspire to be in has worked way harder, for way longer, and gone through way more s*** than you could ever imagine and that you will ever see.” — Jonathan Goodman


The Human Tendency Toward Negativity

Our negative bias has a strong impact on how we weigh results. It is very easy to gloss over positive factors in a situation and zoom in on small negatives that upset us. In most situations where you feel a sense of critique or rejection, those examples sit in a sea of positivity that our brains easily forget, so just remember to try and keep a clear perspective when encountering challenges such as this.

The Gap Between Trainers and Clients

It is difficult for clients to always remember just how much hard work has gone into a trainer's journey. This can cause a disconnect between expectations and experience. As trainers, we need to become comfortable with this dynamic as the arising challenges never go away. Rejection and problems in this area are a staple part of even the most successful of coaches' businesses.

Confronting Issues and Accepting Rejection

In the end, it is all about how you deal with the problems that do arise, whether it is a rejection of an offer, a complaint about your service, or any other adversity that occurs in the business. You know how much hard work you have put into your progress and success, even if others forget. The last part of this picture is asking for what you want, and when we can do this with as little fear of failure as possible, we enable ourselves to succeed in new ways.


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