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The Episode: How to Deal with a Negative Client

Dealing with negative clients or customers is a challenge all business owners share. Since you can't avoid negativity, you have to learn how to respond to it. Carolina and Amber share some of their own experiences, and the lessons they learned from them. You'll find some patterns in their negativity, but each client will present them in a unique way. Your best tactics are to listen carefully and use motivational interviewing techniques to ask the right questions.

In This Episode

  • Amber shares her experiences with clients’ negativity
  • The importance of setting up boundaries
  • Deep diving into the cause of clients’ issues
  • Tips on responding to clients’ frustrations
  • The “assumed benevolence” point of view
  • Every client is different


"Look at a client's negative emotions as data. It's information you use to help coach them better." - Amber Reynolds


Clients Are Humans

People are not inherently mean. No matter how demanding they are in the moment, you have to keep in mind that they're humans like us and try not to take things personally. Be empathetic and compassionate, but also make sure you set up boundaries.

Understanding Common Client Issues

To effectively deal with client issues, it’s good to identify what they are. You can expect to experience one or more of the following types of negativity, which we explained in detail in this article: "all or nothing," filtering, overgeneralization, mental reading, catastrophizing (blowing small things out of proportion), emotional reasoning, and "shoulds" ("I should be a size 4").

The Proper Response to Clients’ Negativity

Don't try to solve every problem they have. Instead, help them navigate their emotions, keeping in mind that what works for one client might not work for another.


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