The podcast: It's possible: Conversations with Successful Online Trainers

The episode: 1: "Start by Putting Yourself First" with James Yeo YiQuan

James Yeo YiQuan was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. So after seven years in the fitness industry, he made a radical move: He started his own business.

He used the last of his funds to invest in the Online Trainer Academy, where he learned valuable intel about marketing, branding, and sales. But when the time came to apply what he’d learned, he faltered. 

With no clients and just 30 cents in his bank account, he reached out to the OTA for help. Two weeks later, he landed his first client. 

One reason for his success: He stopped trying to make lots of money, and focused instead on making enough.   

“Always chasing after numbers gets tiring,” he says. “What really keeps you going is your purpose in life.” 

Armed with this mindset, James has more than doubled his income in the last year. He’s worked with award-winning athletes, created valuable systems for generating referrals, and been hired as a sports nutritionist by one of the largest global sports supplement brands.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how James did it, and how you can shift your focus to take better care of your clients and yourself.

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