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The Episode: The Ethics of Online Training

Is it ethical to make Jonathan touch his toes if they hurt? This is a complicated question, so we may or may not come back to it. In this new episode, the crew avoids the ethics of toe touching and instead focuses on online training. They discuss the confidentiality of client information, how powerful white lies can be, and the foundational ideas on which online training is built.

In This Episode

  • Amber talks about sharing client information
  • Carolina’s two principles of ethical training
  • Jonathan discusses the impact of bias and lying
  • What are the core principles that guide online training?
  • Why you should never badmouth other coaches or your industry
  • How to use your clients’ experiences with other coaches to get better
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to experts; it demonstrates your humility and willingness to learn


“When you are dishonest in any way, even in small ways, it erodes trust. The erosion of trust is a really damaging thing.” - Jonathan Goodman


Keep It Professional

If one of your clients has had amazing results and you want to share those results to inspire other clients, tread carefully. In general, keep that info between you and that client. Better safe than sorry.

Wait, the Tooth Fairy Isn’t Real?

You've heard that honesty is the best policy. It goes double for online training. Seemingly harmless exaggerations or minor fabrications can erode trust between you and your clients. That's when they start to see you as one of those trainers.

Be a Lifelong Learner

Saying "I don't know" is both humbling and powerful. It tells everyone, yourself included, that you’re keenly aware of the limitations of your current knowledge. It also empowers you to broaden it through collaboration with experts in another field, and in the process helps your clients see you as someone they can trust.


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