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The Episode: Know When You Need a Course, a Coach, or a Mentor

As you start to get used to the grind, you start wanting to improve the way you do business. But it can get really overwhelming with the number of options available. You hear of people talking to their mentors, hiring a business coach, or taking courses. Which one fits your needs? After a discussion about children’s teeth, Mexican food, and geese, Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren clear your doubts on where you should invest your money, and more importantly, your time.


Key Points and Time Stamps

  • Keeping your children’s teeth and Churro Men
  • Where you spend your money versus where you spend your time
  • Mentors, business coaches, versus courses
  • Why business coaches aren’t the best option
  • Why do people sign up for programs?


"Hiring a business coach as your first development source is an incredibly expensive, inefficient way to get to where you're going." - Jonathan Goodman


Start with a Course

When you’re making your first step, choose the option that’s scalable – courses. For example, the Online Trainer Program helps you find a model that works for you! Meanwhile, business coaches use one-trick wonders that rarely apply to other situations.

The Common Caveats with Paying for Courses and Coaches

If you want to find someone to help you, look for signs of seriousness in the work that they do. Don’t trust someone who doesn’t have any skin in the game!

When Do You Need Business Coaches?

The only time when you need business coaches is when you know what you’re missing. You don’t go asking them where the success is hidden. If you’re already on the journey to get somewhere, business coaches can help you get to your destination faster.




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