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The Episode: Choose the Best Package Type for Your Business

Want to know the key to our hosts’ hearts? Summer melons, garbage trucks, and getting to talk for the entire podcast. Trust us on this one. In this episode, the gang talks about how to get more clients, what niche restaurants and polar bears teach us about business, and how coaches actually get more people to sign up. Above all, don’t be lukewarm—the polar bears will thank you.

In This Episode

  • How Ren responds when OTA coaches ask “How do I get more clients?”
  • Getting more clients should be baked into your content
  • Remember the importance of “niching down”
  • Jonathan shares the heartfelt story of befriending Ren
  • Be cold or hot, never lukewarm
  • Monthly vs. 60-day vs. 90-day programs
  • Carolina breaks down her approach to a new client


“You have to sell the transformation. You never sell the product, you sell what the person will become as a result of your product.” - Jonathan Goodman


The Secret to Success Isn’t a Secret

When people ask what they can do to get more clients, they’re likely hoping for a secret strategy or simple phrase that will boost their success. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the only sure way to succeed is to consistently reach out and produce good content. Every client is unique and deserves just as much work as the last.

Who Wants to Throw a Taco Pizza Sushi Steak Party?

Beginning coaches can get overwhelmed by the crazy number of demands in their field. “Do I focus on nutrition, calisthenics, powerlifting, legs, glutes, gymnastics ...?” It may seem as though tackling all of those would be hedging your bets, but the key is to do the opposite. Choose one path, become excellent at that particular skill set, and you'll have more than enough clients.

Invest in the New You

People don’t hire coaches just for their workouts or because they like them. The clients who hire you are investing in a future version of themselves. To sell yourself, you have to sell the client on what they could become if they hire you. If you can be the solution to their fitness problem, you’ve got a client.


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