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The Episode: The Difference Between Marketing and Branding, and Which You Should Focus On

Lots of coaches are confused about marketing vs. branding. Fortunately, Ren has a list of dating metaphors to help you understand where one ends and the other begins. From there the gang shares stories about their own marketing successes and failures, explaining what you need to market properly and the principles of a campaign that works.

In This Episode

  • Jonathan emphasizes how critical branding is
  • What content is really about
  • The importance of going all-in on branding, regardless of the belief behind it
  • How Carolina found success by embracing her personality as a brand
  • What research says is the most fulfilling pursuit and how that influences your branding
  • Is high-quality marketing expensive?
  • Why you need to be consistent with your message and share your story


“Put the social back into social media. You're not big enough or important enough for just media.”- Ren Jones


Go All In

We're captivated by someone who goes all-in on a position or personality, no matter what their underlying belief may be. It's the difference between successful and lackluster results. When you fully commit to something that resonates with you, people who share that resonance will find you.

Engage Your Target Audience

Once you’ve committed to your branding, you need to show up every day and make your audience feel connected. People don't buy your service because of your fancy sales page or slick ads. They invested in you, and you owe it to them to return the favor.

You Do You, Boo

Can someone become successful with a persona they've created? Absolutely. But few of us can keep up the act for long. The best strategy is to be yourself in your branding. Show your audience who you are. Share your stories, values, quirks, and annoyances. Commit to being fully yourself, and you'll foster a community of long-term fans.


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