iTunes Link: It’s Possible: Conversations with Successful Online Trainers

The episode: 15: “Can You Take Time Away?” with Mike Macdonald

Mike Macdonald was ready to take his personal training business online. He knew he needed to establish systems for marketing and generating online clients, but he just couldn’t seem to find the time.

He realized he would have to dial back on his in-person training. So he decided not to replace clients he lost. That helped but still wasn’t enough.

“I was like, what more can I cut out?” he says. “It felt like the bare essentials.”

So one week, he made an uncomfortable choice: to stop cleaning his kitchen. Within days, the dishes were piling up, but he had his first few online clients.

“I was almost proud, because I felt like I stepped out of my comfort zone,” Mike says. “I was letting go of things that weren’t a priority.”

Sometimes that’s what it takes to move to the next step in your personal training business.

By setting aside time, Mike was able to establish the basic systems to build a scalable business online, and now enjoys steady growth.

In fact, Mike discovered one marker in particular that seemed to directly correlate with his business success. Find out what it was, plus how much time you really need to work on your business (hint: It’s more than you think), and the one time losing clients can be a good thing.

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