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The Episode: What We Wish We Would Have Known

No matter where you start out with your training business, things will change and grow over time. This means that you should not get hung up on what you know and don't know at this point. We all begin this journey with a lot to learn, and this process will mirror the type of business you end up building, so allow that to happen in its own time and enjoy the developments as they happen. Instead of focusing on having it all figured out, rather pour your energy into taking action and learning, this is a much better pathway to lasting success, and with this attitude, you can build a much more genuine and sustainable business.

In This Episode

  • Wasting time on choosing a name for your business
  • The pressure of feeling like you have to have it all figured out
  • It's fine to be a little clueless in the beginning!
  • Avoiding procrastination and the benefits of urgency
  • Taking action will lead to results of some kind
  • Potential damage done by an overactive ego
  • Learning as you go and building slowly towards success


“I knew nothing when I started. I literally started a blog and did not know what the word 'blog' meant.” — Jonathan Goodman


Figuring Things Out As You Go

It is quite easy to get preoccupied with small things in the beginning, like fretting over the exact name you choose for your business. There is also a looming pressure that we often experience about feeling like we have to know everything, but we are here to tell you that it is okay to learn as you go! Don't beat yourself up about your blindspots. You can use the process of trying things out to figure out what you like and where you fit in. What you want to focus on is realizing how you can create an impact!

Avoiding Stagnation and Overthinking

When starting out, we all know very little and that is fine because you will learn as you go. In fact, having the space to be inventive and creative is a real benefit. When you know more, you can actually get into a space of overthinking and finding reasons not to do something, whereas early on, when you are more fresh to the space, this is not an issue. We have seen experienced coaches trick themselves into thinking they are moving forward, when they are stuck in a comfortable place, not making any progress.

Evolving at a Natural Pace

As we often say, taking action will lead to progress! Stagnation and indecision will not serve you and your business, so you need to allow space for evolution through the time you spend on your business. Having a sense of urgency, or some sort of impetus that means you need to succeed, can be a real gift, so do not shy away from making things count! The last thing to avoid is getting too tied up in the ego, as it can result in us being both overconfident and insecure, all leading to less action!



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