The podcast: It’s Possible: Conversations with Successful Online Trainers

The episode: 21: “How to Build an Unbeatable Business Mindset” with Jonathan Goodman

Decision making can feel hard, especially when you’re starting a new online coaching business. It’s a new world, and you may feel uncertain navigating it. As a result, every decision feels world-hanging-in-the-balance critical.

“A lot of trainers fall back on instinct,” says PTDC founder Jonathan Goodman, “which in most cases shows up as fear and overanalyzing. You think you’re being cautious, but you’re worried about the wrong things.”

The good news? It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Most of the decisions you must make are actually really simple.

Your mind tricks you into thinking they’re not.

Your move: Trick your mind right back. Here’s how.

  1. Define the problem. Picking your personal trainer software? Write down three things you need your software to do, and find a program that does those things. Done.
  2. Give yourself a deadline. Announce a release date for your new fitness product. You’ll force yourself into action to meet it.
  3. Learn empathy. This keeps your focus on your clients—their needs should guide your every move.
  4. Master the micro. Don’t get bogged down in the little stuff. Always keep the big picture in mind.
  5. Follow the 10-10-10 rule. Ask yourself three questions: How will I feel about this 10 minutes from now? Ten months from now? Ten years from now? This helps put things in perspective.

Listen to this episode for more of Jonathan’s insights and advice for building an unbeatable business mindset—and improving your chances for success.