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The Episode: Why Online Coaching Doesn’t Need to Be Discounted

In a heavily online-dependent world, does going online really mean having to charge less? Aren’t you still giving the same quality of service and solving the same problems? Jon, Carolina, and Ren touch on the importance of seeing your value as a coach in setting up your prices and increasing them as you build your client base. Stay tuned to learn about the country’s mange problem and why Jon’s letter opener is named Excalibur.

Key Points and Time Stamps


  • Unclaimed land, missile silos, and Barrie, Ontario
  • The importance of coaching to get the results you want
  • Providing solutions
  • How much should you charge for your services?
  • Jon and the Excalibur Knights of ball hockey


“Once you actually know how to do this and sell this, you literally go from charging $100 a month to $1,500 for eight to 12 weeks.”

– Jonathan Goodman


Providing solutions

You have to sell solutions. Communicating the solution effectively from the start matters more than what’s in the program itself.

Why you don't have to charge less for online coaching

There's no glory in charging your clients as little as possible. You're still solving problems and providing a valuable service, and you're doing it in a way that maximizes efficiency for the client. You deserve to get paid accordingly.

Bump it up little by little

You can't go from discount to premium pricing overnight. You need to increase your fees incrementally until you reach a fair rate for the value you provide. As a bonus, each price bump boosts your confidence.



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