Lots of us struggle to fully understand the value of what we do—especially when it comes to training clients online vs. in person. Here, we'll explore how to convince yourself—and your potential clients—that you can train them just as effectively online as you would in a gym.

Understanding your value

First, it's important to understand all you have to offer your clients.

COVID-19 caused some coaches to switch to online training out of necessity, not choice. Many trainers who began offering online training didn't understand how training online could be just as effective as training in person.

When you walk into a gym, you see trainers working with clients, but when you train online, you don't get to see others doing the job. It can be tough to understand exactly what online training is because you haven't been exposed to it.

As you get started with online training, it's important to understand that you don't have all the answers. The start of any program will be a bit messy as you find your style.

Leveraging technology

To get your clients to understand your value, leverage the technology you have available and know how to show your energy through the camera. Over-cueing, showing up with 25 percent more energy than normal, and keeping the conversation lively and constant are all key factors in helping your clients feel your value through the screen.

Give yourself time

Amber said it best: No one starts off as a good personal trainer. We all grow and evolve over time, and adding more technology to your practice can help you help your clients. It's important to give yourself time to grow and be patient with yourself as you make mistakes and figure out better ways to help your clients.

You'll constantly be working to become better for your clients, but remember: You'll never have it all figured out (and that's a good thing). It's key to constantly reevaluate your skillset and add to what you can offer your clients. Using new technology can be hugely helpful.

How do you convince clients that online training is effective?

The short answer: You can't.

The long answer: You've got to lead your future clients to that realization. Like Jon says: Effective selling begins with curiosity. You need to learn about your potential client base in order to know what they need. Most people you'll work with will have had some experience in the health and fitness space, and you need to find out why their previous efforts failed.

After you learn what hasn't been working for your clients, you'll be able to talk to them about how your services can meet their needs in the ways that other programs failed.

Don't be afraid to ask your clients, "Why are we talking right now?"

It's not rude—it's asking your client to explain why they need your help. Be curious about your potential clients, just as you would be with a client who has already committed to training with you.

Remember, if a client has reached out to you, they want your help—and it's your job to find out what they need. The first conversation is the first coaching opportunity, and your first chance to show your potential client that you can make a difference in their life.

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