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The episode: 6: “Designing Your Dream Week” with Haley Conant

Haley Conant was low on time, low on money, and completely out of patience. After months of struggling with medical bills and adjusting to life as a new mom, the full-time physical therapist and part-time trainer finally broke.

Her schedule was so hectic she barely saw her husband anymore. “It was too much,” she says. Something had to give.

Looking for ways to better manage her time, she enrolled in the Online Trainer Academy, where she learned about a concept called the Dream Week—a strategy that helped her figure out which activities were worth her time, and which were not.

“That was exactly what I needed,” she says. Now any activity that does not yield results after six weeks gets traded out for something else.

For example, when Haley realized her YouTube channel was not having an impact on her business, she stopped posting videos. That freed up more time for activities that actually move the needle.

“I know that the things I’m doing now are going to help grow my business and help me become a happier person,” she says.

Listen to this episode to hear the time-management tricks that helped Haley sharpen her focus and achieve a better work-life balance.

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