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The episode: 13: “Systems That Work” with Jessica McAllister

Jessica McAllister is not a naturally systematic person. She likes to do what she feels like doing, when she feels like doing it. Workout programs bore her. “Shiny things” distract her. She describes her life as chaotic.

And she really, really loves systems.

“Systems will you free,” says the new mother, who goes by Jessi. “We all have 24 hours in a day. It just depends what you’re going to do with them.”

By using systems that automate and streamline her online business, Jessi has achieved her dream: to keep training while staying home to care for her baby daughter.

In this episode, Jessi shares her favorite systems, like emailing all her contacts to generate leads, posting on social media, and block scheduling.

She also reveals the user-friendly tech she uses to implement those systems. Her favorite tool? The oven timer.

Listen in to find out how everyone, orderly and chaotic alike, can benefit from the right systems.

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