Sending holiday cards boosts client retention and generates new leads. Every fit pro should send holiday cards. Many do. Few do it with any personality. It's time to change that.

First, Why Sending Holiday Cards Works

1. It shows you care. Small acts of kindness have a huge impact on client loyalty. Cards represent minor tokens but score high for sincerity and personal touch. It's the perfect opportunity to use those two most valuable words in business: “thank” and “you.”

2. It helps you keep in touch.  Follow up. Holiday cards are an instant system that ensure you express gratitude to current clients at least once a year, while also giving you an excuse to connect with former clients, reminding them how awesome you are.

3. It gets displayed. A holiday card with personality gets put on the mantle or fridge. Then, when company is over, you're discussed over a disgusting yet weirdly pleasing glass of egg nog—the perfect segue for a referral. 

4. It’s a motivational tool. Acknowledge your client’s results. Use this time to celebrate how far you’ve come together. Use a holiday card to enter in your clients home during tis festive season as a visual cue to remind her to stay on track over the holidays.

5. It makes your client feel good (and isn’t that your job?). Your client didn’t just hire you for killer workouts. She can get those on Pinterest. She hired you to help her stay energized and excited. Never forget: People buy trainers, not training.

How to do it

As with everything else, it's the details that matter. At it's core, this is as simple as buying cards, filling them out, and mailing them but there are some small details not to miss.

1. Make Your List and Check it Twice

Go back two years and pull a list of clients and addresses to the best of your ability.

Sort clients into categories:

  1. Clients who did awesome
  2. Clients who started recently
  3. Clients who fell off that you want back (ignoring the ones you’re better off without)

Batching clients like this will help guide what you’ll write for them.

On your list note down any special moments, accomplishments, or memories that you have with each individual.

If you're missing an address, email your client asking for it. No need to say why. A simple “Hey, what’s your mailing address?” will do. 

2. Use These Scripts for Writing Your Cards

Use different scripts for different clients. Here are a few examples.

The Client Who Did Awesome

Your goal: To celebrate their success. Keep the mood light while reminiscing about their “aha!” moments and their reason for starting workouts in the first place.

Dear Jane, 

As I sit here writing this, I can’t help but be amazed at the incredible progress you’ve made. I remember when you first walked into the gym and nervously asked me if I would train with you. You wore a green tank top that day. Since then you achieved your goal to become pain-free! 

I smiled a big smile when you told me that you felt great walking 10 hours a day during your trip to New York. 

Your work ethic and dedication has been amazing, and I just want to say thank you and wish you happy holidays. It’s been an absolute pleasure both working with and getting to know you. I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. 



Nice! You’ve reinforced your relationship with Jane and made her feel great about her progress. You better believe she’ll be back next year.

The Client Who Started Recently

Your goal: To reinforce the client’s reason for coming to you in the first place while laying the groundwork for a strong working relationship.

Dear Bill, 

I know we just met, but I’m already impressed by your dedication and work ethic (holy smokes, you smash your workouts!). I wanted to say thank you for choosing me as your trainer. 

You’re already moving better, and I know you’re going to do great things this year. We’ll get you back playing golf pain-free in no time. 

Have an amazing holiday season, and say hi to the family for me. 


Short and sweet. You’ll be top of mind over the holidays, increasing the chances that Bill will come back.

The Client Who Fell Off that You Want Back

The goal: Simply to stay in touch so the client remembers you when he’s ready to start training again. (And what better time for that than the New Year?)

Dear Jack, 

Just a note to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. 

It was a pleasure getting to know you this past year. I hope Tom’s doing well in hockey and Casey is feeling more comfortable in university. 

Hope you enjoy your holidays! 


Great! Now Jack feels cared for and remembers what a great person you are.

Mistakes to avoid

Believe it or not, it is possible to screw this up.

1. You wait too long. Start now. You need time to buy the cards, assemble the list, write the cards, and mail them out. Cards should be in the mail no later than December 15th.

2. You don’t double-check spelling. Spell your client's name right. I shouldn't need to say this.

3. You slap on your logo. If you must include your company's branding, keep it small and tasteful. Be genuine and personal and sincere. This is a nice gesture. Don't turn it into a transaction.

4. You don’t handwrite the note. Send a physical card that you write with a pen. Real paper. Real ink. A real stamp.

5. You use a boring stamp. Make your own custom stamp. Google it. Almost every country has a system for creating your own custom stamps. Have fun with it. Put your face on there.

6. You turn this into a marketing ploy. No coupons or promotions. Don't end your note with anything like, "let me know if I can help you with your health and fitness this year." They know you're a trainer. Be sincere. Include just well wishes and positive vibes.

7. You buy lame cards. Use unique cards that stand out.