The fitness and health industry is full of lies that are just a Google search away: fear this, GMO that. Put butter in your coffee and don't ever touch sugar--it's the devil. Base your diet around your blood type, but wait, you should actually eat like your caveman ancestors.

If you feel confused, imagine how your clients must feel.

In his talk coach Nick Tumminello shows you how to see through what's wrong, what's right, and what's BS. It was recorded earlier this year during the PTDC-hosted Strong Pro Summit in Toronto.

"I want to try to help you see through the confusion by conflicting information by looking at information as if they're not equal. Because if all information was equal to you, you're lost." - Coach Nick Tumminello

In this hour-long video, you'll learn:

  • Why building a skeptical filter is one of the most important skills you'll ever learn (4:22)
  • Proof that most fit pros are poor thinkers with a (probably) great-looking body (7:06)
  • How looking only at conclusions is one sure-fire way to be wrong (12:14)
  • Why scientific studies can be weak and powerful at the same time (22:05)
  • The red flags to look for to call out bullshit (27:41)
  • How to respond to someone when they say, "I know what works for me" (36:19)
  • Problems with the "evidence-based" approach (42:52)

Big thank you to Coach Tumminello for speaking and enlightening us. Watch above.