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Career Tip: Offer Free Coaching, But Only If You Keep These 3 Key Things in Mind

If you’ve ever considered giving away free training, read this before you do anything else.

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5 Steps to Ask for Client Feedback and Improve Your Personal Training

Whether you’re an online personal trainer or training clients at a gym, honest client feedback gives you a quick glimpse at how you can improve (and make more money).

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Be Wrong to Be Right: A Simple Strategy to Get More Information From Clients

Clients sometimes don’t like to tell you a lot of information. Get more out of your clients faster by simply being "wrong."

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How to Make Your Clients Love You (and Make More Money Because of It)

Giving thoughtful, meaningful gifts is one of the best ways to build long-term client relationships. Here's how to do it right.

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Smart Growth: 4 Ways Personal Trainers Grow a Successful Fitness Business

Expert shares the four essential steps you must follow to launch a successful business and avoid burnout and common mistakes.

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8 Ways to Get a Fully Booked Client Schedule

Many personal trainers struggle to build a full, consistent client list. If that’s you, stop everything you’re doing and try these non-obvious strategies instead.

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How to Use the "Ulysses Contract" to Motivate Stubborn Clients

If you have a difficult client who just can’t seem to muster the motivation to hit his or her goals, turn to the "Ulysses contract" to help turn up their passion and accomplish what they set out to do.

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The Best Coaches Don’t Discount, and Neither Should You

While offering a sale or a discount sounds savvy, smart fitness professionals know how to offer so much value that their clients simply cannot wait to pay them. Here’s how you can do the same in your coaching business.

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5 Easy Questions to Ask and Land a New Client (and Understand Your Client Better)

When a prospective client walks into your gym, ask these five powerful questions that every business-savvy fitness professional uses to identify the client's motivation and help you seal the deal.

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3 Coaching Reasons Your Client Ignores Your Advice (and How to Fix It)

No personal trainer sets out wanting to sabotage their client’s success. But when you’re faced with an unmotivated client who doesn’t listen, it may have to do with your coaching.

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