Bret Contreras 2X4 strength training program is finally available. It took the guy a while to finish up his template program for strength (and aesthetic) gains in the gym but it was worth it.

For trainers wanting to improve their programming, I view this as a must-have. Not only can you learn from his program, but he explains in thorough detail the reasoning behind it and even included content on the:

  • Cues for big lifts (crazy valuable for trainers)
  • biomechanics of the squat and deadlift
  • Glute training tips (of course)
  • How to warm up

There are two versions. The gold package for trainers is a no-brainer.

If you're looking for a new workout (both male and female) then this is a great option, but for trainers I view it more as a professional development tool. The best way to learn programming is to study great program designers.

Conventionally you would invest in a program and try to figure out the reasoning behind the different attributes. Bret made it easy for you by explaining succinctly his reasoning behind exercise choice and how to alter the template for different people.

Not only that, he's included a discussion on:

  • Appropriate loading schemes
  • Assistance work
  • Deloading
  • Peaking
  • How to journal
  • How to adapt the program to lifters from different backgrounds, skill levels, goals, and genders.

The material is organized well and you download the materials for lifetime access.

2X4 strength by Bret Contreras

Click here to go to Bret's information page for a description of what's in all of the books.

I didn't plan on promoting any products or courses because we have our new website being released in two days, but didn't want to pass up passing this along to you.

Bret's one of the most knowledgeable, well-researched, well-written guys in the industry. I've spent nights up until 4am with him in hotel lobby's with a notepad listening to him spit training theory.

Bret talking about Glute's while I shut up and listen (in blue) -- the guy lives and breaths this stuff.

2X4 Strength by Bret Contreras is a template program by one of the best in the industry where he explains his reasoning behind the choices and includes instructions on teaching. I view it as a must-have for trainers.