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As a personal trainer, you're ability to cultivate and teach self-discipline will shape your career. Here's how to make that shape pretty.

General Health

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The Truth About Acai Bowls: Read this first!-- Steve Kamb

So You Were Asked If You’re Pregnant and You’re Not? Here’s What You Can Do Next
-- Christine Mooney, Chronicles of Strength

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Strength Training

How to Stay Small and Weak -- Sharon Moss, Girls Gone Strong

How To Build Muscle and Strength While Injured -- Joe Huskey, JMax Fitness

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The Art of Being an Emotionally Detached Strength Athlete - Joe Schillero, Elite FTS

What is Sport Specific Training and what is Dynamic Correspondence -- Christian Bosse


Fat Loss

5 Tips for Long Term Weight Loss Success -- John Falkinder

The New (Ultra-Simple) Way To Calculate Your Macros -- Tom Venuto

Fitness Shouldn’t Be A Midlife Crisis -- James Fell

Paleolithic Nutrition: A Powerful Concept That Should Be Protected and Preserved -- Eirik Garnas



Why Not Every Fit Pro Should Write -- Erica Suter

Problematic Athletes Make You A Better Coach -- Brandon Morrison, Lift Big Eat Big

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