The strategy that I'm sharing with you this week is not scalable. It involves personal outreach.

A few notes before we begin:

  • Versions of this strategy have generated over 4,298 new clients.
  • This works for in-person, online, and nutrition.
  • Each day there will be one bite-sized action to take (no more than 5 minutes).

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Day 1 Activity (5 min)

Day 2 Activity (5 min)

Day 3 Activity (5-10 min)

Day 4 Activity (5-10 min)

The answers to every question you're overthinking

What to do when people are interested

Day 1 Activity - Message 5 past clients

*If you don't have five past clients, that's fine. Don't stress. Check back later this week for more.

Your only task today is to send a personal note to reconnect with 5 past clients.

Below is a copy and paste email that you can send.


Your Email Script (copy and paste and fill in the names)

SUBJECT: You good?

{First Name},

Totally random, but I was just thinking about you. You were always such a joy to work with.

2022 is coming up and I don't know about you but I'm dying for more human connection so I thought that I'd say hello.

You good?

-{Your Name}


Resist the urge to write more. This is short on purpose.

The best new clients are past clients.

You worked with this person in the past. It's a professional relationship.

Odds are that they're thinking about getting back into a routine.

You don't need to call it out.

When they respond, they might just go straight into wanting to start back up again or give you a brief update.

Regardless, ask if they're available for a catch-up call.

On the call, be curious about them. Ask questions about their family. Genuinely care.

The conversation will inevitably switch to fitness. At this point, you can bring up all of the ways you can help them.

"You know, funny you should mention it. I'm actually doing something special in January . . . "

Day 2 Activity - Sincerely compliment 5 people

Today’s activity is to send a sincere compliment to 5 people on the Internet.

They could be friends, prospective clients, or colleagues. Doesn’t matter.

You can compliment them on anything. Doesn’t have to be fitness.

Everybody is fighting their own internal battles.

My guess is you are too . . .

We’re all working hard but we’re all (secretly) doubting ourselves.

But still, we’re all doing good stuff.

What sucks is that our natural instinct to be negative.

But this is also why you’ll stand out if you’re outwardly positive.

You need to be the one who calls out the good stuff.

When you do, you’ll likely be the only person who does. As a result, you’ll stand out.

Complimenting others every day is so rare that it’s remarkable.

Day 3 Activity - Simplify, focus, and ask for the sale more often

There aren't any secrets when it comes to getting clients.

Most of us make it too complicated.

Today, I'm helping you simplify, focus, and ask more often.

Because, honestly, that's all that most trainers ever need to do.

1. SIMPLIFY and clarify your services

Confused people don’t buy. A prospective client must know immediately what you offer and how it helps them.

Less is more.

If you have to explain your package, it’s too complicated.

Assess your current offerings. Is it crystal-clear? If not, fix it.

2. FOCUS on one platform.

Let 2022 be the year of focus.

Choose one promotional platform. It doesn’t even have to be social media.

Choose one you enjoy using, that suits your strengths, and that your target clientele is on.

Focus on that, and ignore all other noise.

It’s that simple, and that hard.

3. ASK for the sale more often.

If you’re open for business, You've gotta let people know how to buy.

Imagine that there’s a pie shop near you.

Pie's awesome. You want pie (obv.)

But the blinds are shut. There's no 'open' sign.

So you walk on by and don’t get pie.

That's a damn tragedy.

People not buying from you is a damn tragedy and you'd be surprised at how often it happens because they simply don't know how.

Make it clear that you're open for business and how to buy. And ask often.

Let your people eat pie.

Oh, in this example, you're the pie. So, uhh, don't appear to be a closed pie shop.

Nobody likes a closed pie shop.


Your activity today is simple:

Assess how clear your services are, choose your platform for 2022, and ensure it’s clear how ppl can buy from you.

Day 4 Activity - Asking personally for the sale

My wife wanted to raise money to buy a van for a women's shelter here in Mexico.

She made a few pieces of beautiful jewellery, took pictures, and posted on social that she'd make a custom piece for anybody who donated.

Nobody responded.

Then she sent an email to 10 people. Same story and same message but sent personally.

8 out of 10 responded and all donated. One even donated $500!

It pushed the campaign over, the van was bought, and more battered women are being protected.

Her friends said, "oh yeah. I thought that I saw something about this online." But didn't respond.

Why? Because posting on the internet isn't human or personal and it's hard to get people to care. People do it because it's safe and easy.

Hiding behind the safety of the internet is stopping you from getting clients.

It's scary to reach out personally. To actually talk to people because, yeah, some people will ignore you.

But others will be happy you reached out.

So, today I want you to message personally 5 people and directly ask them to become clients. Here's a script to copy and paste.

Your script

Hey {First name},

I'm accepting a few new clients to start in January. There's a new program I'd prepare for you to get remarkable results to kickstart 2022. Not only that, but I'm donating some proceeds from new client sign-ups before the New Year to charity.

What do you think, is this worth a quick chat?

-{Your name}

The answers to every question you’re overthinking

It's easy to overthink stuff like this and make it more complicated than it needs to be. You're probably doing that right now.

Still, click here for a doc outlining the answers to your questions.

What to do when people are interested

My father taught me to always strike while the iron is hot.

If it's through a message (and not the day 1 email to an old client outreach), get them on the phone right away:

Hey {name},

Psyched that you’re interested in starting early January to {benefit}. It's first-come, first-served. Can I call you right now to learn more about what you're looking for to see if it's the right fit for you? (I promise to tell you honestly if it isn't.)

This isn't hard sales. Don't think of it that way.

It's listening. Be curious about them. Stop thinking about the right thing to say to make the sale and concentrate on actually listening.

Listening works best when making sales anyway.

Think of the first call as your initial consultation.

Be genuinely curious what what they're talking to you now, and what they want to achieve. Then tell them how you're going to help them get there.

Show them you understand and that you care. That's how you sell fitness.

Do it. Do it Now.


-Coach Jon