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Online Trainer Mentorship (OTM) Is Here

The Online Trainer Mentorship (OTM) helps trainers, gym owners, and influencers scale their online business. Since 2013, we've helped 47,000 passionate coaches.

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A More Human Strategy to Get a Few Clients Today for the New Year

You do not need to post “endlessly” on IG to get more clients.

You need to be more human, connect personally, and ask for clients the right way. Here's your (very human) strategy)

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How to Set Up Your Social Media Profile for Success

In this episode, Amber and Alex help you with the key components of setting up your social media profile for business visibility and lead generation.

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How Do I Coach a Demographic That Isn't Me?

In this episode, Amber and Ren dive into what steps you can take to learn about and attract a demographic you may not be a part of.

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How to Price Your Packages

In this episode, Jon and Amber help make pricing your coaching packages less stressful and show how to build your confidence around your pricing.

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How to Create a Package That Sells

In this episode, Jon and Amber help you change the way you think about creating your coaching packages so they are easy to sell.

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How to Be the Coach Clients Choose

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about how to be the first person your ideal client thinks of when they're ready to tackle their health and fitness goals.

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Fitness Content Marketing: 13 Tips for Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches

Creating high-converting and engaging content can feel hard and a little scary. Learn how to do it efficiently and effectively here.

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Fitness Email Marketing: How to Build an Email List (and Make Money from It)

Worried about your social reach? Anxious about the latest app? Relax: Email is still the best marketing tool—if you do it right.

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What Does It Really Cost to Launch an Online Personal Training Business? (Exact Numbers!)

Don’t confuse spending with action. Learn what you need (and don’t need) to launch your online business.

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