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Moving on, here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Coaching Concepts


Did you ever wonder why some nutrition coaches do very well while others barely make a living? Successful nutrition coaches don’t necessarily know more about the metabolism than other nutrition coaches. Most people don’t know enough about nutrition to begin to evaluate a coach on the basis of their nutrition knowledge.

Don’t let your perceived inexperience or perceived inadequacy related to your peers stop you. Your client doesn’t need your advanced knowledge. Odds are they already know what they should be doing. Your success as a coach depends on how good you are at getting them to do what they already know they should do.



Great coaches plays Life Tetris.

We rarely need to build the blocks. Instead, we work with our clients to arrange them through a combination of prioritizing and organizing.

Help by pointing them in the right direction. But ultimately, give them ownership over their own change and you’ll be amazed at how little intervention it takes from you for them to make meaningful change.

Tiffany's Mocha (Crappa) Frappe Lattes

2 Business Nuggets


There’s a parable about a master locksmith. As the story goes, this guy was good.

He’d go to a house with a jammed lock and in about 30 seconds he’d pop it off. His customers were happy until they saw the bill.

“$250? For what? It took you less than a minute.” They’d say.

On one hand the customer is right. It took the locksmith less than a minute.On the other hand, the locksmith trained for decades to be able to pop the lock off in 30 seconds. You’re not paying them for their time, you’re paying them for their years of experience and expertise.

This locksmith now pretends to struggle with the lock for 29 minutes and 30s before popping it off in half a minute. He’s found it’s easier to charge what he’s worth this way.



Success requires a day-to-day grind. For every 10 times we do hard stuff, 7 will be ok, 2 will feel great, and 1 will feel horrible.

Social media following doesn’t grow from one great post.

Books don’t get written in a single great writing session.

Fat loss doesn’t happen with one stellar smoothie.

Good stuff happens when you show up on the good days, and the bad days, and the oh-so-many not-so-good days but not-so-bad days.

1 Quote to Consider

Systems over goals. Process over outcome. Then, sales call by sales call, rep by rep, word by word, you’ll get better. And, over time, getting better provides more enjoyment than getting 'there'. Because the moment you get there it becomes the new here and there will be a new there, anyway.



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