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Machines produce, humans create.


"In every life there is a moment. A crisis. One that says: what I believe is wrong. It happens to everyone, the only difference is how that knowledge changes them. In most cases, it is simply a case of burying that knowledge and pretending it isn’t there. That is how humans grow old. That is ultimately what creases their faces and curves their backs and shrinks their mouths and ambitions. The weight of that denial. The stress of it. This is not unique to humans. The single biggest act of bravery or madness anyone can do is the act of change." - Matt Haig




It's very hard to trust a process that you yourself have never been through. Experience is the best teacher.


“A man travels the world in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” - George Moore




“God’s waiter just came over to our table and asked “need anything else?” because the kitchen is closing soon. Except the kitchen is my mom.” - Shaan Puri


A Few Good Quotes from a Great Book

"People will give, when you have stirred their emotions. People will invest, when you have aroused their cupidity. And people want to know the future, so if you can persuade them that you are any sort of a Seer or a Prophet, they will buy your forecasting service. It all comes back to the point we made in the beginning— "What do they want?""

""But what is this Priceless Ingredient?" persisted the young man. Spoke then the Wise One. "My son, the Priceless Ingredient of every product in the market place is the honor and integrity of him who made it. Consider his name before you buy.""

There are six prime motives of human action: love, gain, duty, pride, self— indulgence and self—preservation.

-Robert Collier (from The Robert Collier Copywriting Course: Learn to Write Sales Letters that Pay)


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