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Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Tips


People become personal trainers after years of mental and physical self-discovery (in addition to study).

When you hire a trainer, you aren't hiring them for the hour.

You're hiring them for their years of specific knowledge and hard-won expertise.

P.S. It was National Personal Trainer Day last week!


“The source of most unhappiness is an overactive mind and an underactive body.

We generate fears while we sit; we overcome them by action.

Fear is nature’s warning signal to get busy.”

-Dr. Henry C. Link, PhD

2 Business Nuggets


The secret to easy selling is to find somebody already doing what you sell.

People who buy, buy lots. People who don’t, don’t.


It's better to be 'famous to the family' than being famous on the internet.

1 Quote to Consider

“We become good at what we practice even if what we are practicing is not good for us.”Dandapani


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Been a crazy week! 1.5 month AirBnB got cancelled last minute, sick baby, and crossed the Costa Rica / Nicaraguan land border with my family and mother in-law. I haven't been tested like that in a while. Adventure is a wonderful thing! Mostly though, I'm happy to report that Nicaraguan tacos are . . . FANTASTIC. Hope you're good.

P.S. Bouldering

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