Happy 5-Reps Friday!

This week on the pod we explored a dangerous place many coaches find themselves in and how to actually get clients without feeling like you have to win the internet.

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--> 25 | This Dangerous "F" word
--> 26 | Big Fish / Little Pond

Moving on, here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Coaching Concepts


The Seesaw of Empathy

Coaches often train clients with different life stressors, backgrounds, and experiences than their own.

We cannot pretend to understand our clients. That's OK.

The less related experience you have to a client, the more empathy you must demonstrate towards them.

Credit: Ren Jones (my podcast co-host)



Your clients aren't going to mess up their fitness because they had one bad day.

They're also not going to get ripped because they had one good one.

What matters is that they keep showing up.

Your job, therefore, is to encourage and empower them to keep showing up.

Everything else is secondary.

2 Business Nuggets


To get clients, you must work backwards from the problem, not forwards from the solution.

Focus on these 5 simple steps in the Human Optimized Marketing System (HOMS):

  1. What do I want to sell?
  2. Who are my customers?
  3. What do they want?
  4. Where am I going to find them?
  5. How can I talk to them today?



The game of being an influencer is different from the game of building a coaching business. Neither one is better. They’re different, with different rules.

Influencers work for free for years, trying to build celebrity appeal to a large group of people. A content creator is an entertainer who must look for the biggest pond and compete with all the other fish for attention, hoping to catch a break.

Wanna-be-influencers are trying to one day attract a large audience of people they’re never met who admire them. Because they’re entertainers, they’re largely limited to selling the way entertainers do: through a combination of endorsements and low-priced items like cheap memberships, clothing, supplements, and the like.

Coaches need to build a clientele of 20-30 clients as soon as possible. They must focus on generating a smaller amount of customers who pay them considerably more money. People don’t hire entertainers as coaches. They hire people they know, like, trust, and feel a connection to.

You can confidently ignore the big pond. Competing there is a gloriously inefficient way to achieve your goal of finding a few good clients.

For this reason, good marketing advice for influencers is not good marketing advice for coaches. Conflating the two, acting like an influencer in order to get coaching clients, leads to a lot of frustration and wasted effort.

HOMS is focused on getting you clients, not turning you into an industry celebrity. Because of that, the success stories don’t get written up in any newspapers. Nobody writes blog posts or records podcasts on them. Most of what works in the real world isn’t splashy and doesn’t get attention.

Being a Big Fish in a Small Pond is a very good idea

1 Quote to Consider

"Having a vision for your business is like reading Twitter your entire life and then discovering that there’s such a thing as books."



You look great today. Is that a new haircut?

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