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The Obvious Choice

with Jonathan Goodman, Ren Jones, and Amber Reynolds
You don’t have to win the internet. Become the obvious choice instead.

Why? Because winning the internet and winning in business are two different games.

New episodes ship out Mondays and Wednesdays, along with short, business hot seat sprints every Friday.

Recent Episodes

How to Spot a Need in Your Fitness Market

When this San Diego runner suffered an injury, she realized it wasn’t a setback. It was an opportunity.

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Find Your Target Market with This Simple Question

Identifying the right fitness niche is easy—once you realize that the best customers are the ones you’ll want to work with.

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Four Daily Rituals to Stay Focused on Your Goals

When this busy mother of three decided to start her own business, a few key habits helped her stay on track.

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Get More Done with This Time-Saving Tip

Are you putting in lots of hours for minimal results? You may be focused on the wrong things. Learn to put your time to better use with this simple strategy.

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Avoid This Business Mistake Most Good Trainers Make

Hard work is important, but not enough. If you want to build a successful personal training business, here’s what else you have to do.

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Three Easy Ways to Take Back Your Time

Work smarter (not harder) with this highly productive trainer’s tips.

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Get More Clients in Just 30 Minutes a Day

This quick, easy social media strategy helped one trainer build a robust client roster in just 30 minutes a day.

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Build a Business You Love with This Simple Secret

Start with what you want, and work backward.

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The Easy Mind Trick That Can Make You More Money

Stop focusing on the money you want, and finally make the money you need.

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