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The Obvious Choice

with Jonathan Goodman, Ren Jones, and Amber Reynolds
Forget becoming an influencer.

This podcast is for people searching for a simpler way to make more money, help more people, and have more freedom. 

No matter who you are and no matter what you sell, your customer is a human. And yet, marketing these days feels so (in)human. 

Filled with frameworks, entertaining stories, and admittedly bad-Dad jokes, The Obvious Choice is a much-needed recalibration and, at times, a refreshing slap for a business generation that’s lost its way.

New episodes ship out Mondays and Wednesdays, along with short, business hotseats every Friday.

Recent Episodes

(OTP#116) The Best Books That Every Online Trainer Should Read

Today's discussion focusses on some recommendations of the best books to read as an online trainer.

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(OTP#115) What's Your Programming Recipe?

Today we have a discussion about the unique nature of programming and how to find the best way to do it for your online coaching business.

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(OTP#114) The Marketing Approach You Should Start Doing

Today we hear about the power of permission marketing and why you should be adopting this approach as soon as possible!

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(OTP#113) Working With Clients Who Aren't Like You

The panel sits down to chat about ways to connect with an audience and work with clients that are different to you.

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(OTP#112) How to Beat IG Influencers At Their Own Game

Today the panel talks about how online coaches that might not have the biggest following can exist in a market flooded with influencers.

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(OTP#111) How to Use Social Media When You Hate Using Social Media

Today the panel talks about the difficult but important act of using social media as far as growing a coaching business. They share a few tips for how to use it in the most effective and painless way possible.

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(OTP#110) The One Without Ren

Today our usual panel, minus Ren, talks about the importance of working and collaborating with other professionals in the online training world.

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(OTP#109) How To Create More Time In Your Business

Today the team sits down to chat about how you can go about creating more time in your business.

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(OTP#108) The Difference Between Building An In-Person and Online Coaching Business

Today we get into the differences of an online coaching business, compared with the in-person model.

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