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The Obvious Choice

with Jonathan Goodman, Ren Jones, and Amber Reynolds
You don’t have to win the internet. Become the Obvious Choice instead.

This is a podcast for coaches, entrepreneurs, and small business owners looking for timeless wisdom on modern small business.

New episodes ship out Mondays and Wednesdays, along with short, business hotseats every Friday.

Recent Episodes

(OTP#95) How to Build an Online Business When You're Tech Illiterate

The team sits down to discuss the most fundamental aspects of starting an online business.

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(OTP#94) How to Execute

Today the panel of experts talk about the important process of execution and how to turn training into a business.

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(OTP#93) What You Can Learn from Our Past Launches

The team shares some of the lessons learned and the challenges posed by the process of launching a program.

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(OTP#92) When Clients Want to Go Off Plan

Today our panel talks about adherence and what to do when your clients want to go off an agreed training plan.

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(OTP#91) Onboarding New Clients The Right Way

Today we unpack some helpful thoughts on the onboarding process and how to welcome in new clients in the best way.

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(OTP#90) What's The Best Lead Generation Method?

The panel discusses some opinions about the best lead generation methods for your online coaching business.

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(OTP#89) The Boring Legal Stuff You Must Know If You Train Clients Online

All the boring essentials you should know before starting your online training business.

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(OTP#88) People Just Aren't Buying Right Now

Listen to this episode to find out if this common excuse is ever actually true.

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(OTP#87) Why You Should Definitely Share Your Story

Our panel sits down to chat about the importance of sharing your personal story and getting over the fear of opening up.

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