Our Choice for the Article of the Week

Forever a Thief...Er, Student- John Romaniello

John Romaniello breaks down the steps he has taken to "steal" from other trainers!? Ok, maybe "stealing" is a little bit drastic. He lets us in on some of the people that have help mold his training philosophy to what it is today.  All of these individuals are influential people in the fitness industry and John gives credit where credit is due.


Integrative Bodybuilding: Peri Workout Recovery Supplementation (Part 1)- Scott Stevenson, EliteFTS.com

Eating And Muscle Gain: A Nonsensical Rant- Sean Hyson

3 Mistakes That Limit Your Gains- Christian Thibaudeau, T-Nation

Bodybuilding Nutrition: The World's Most Balanced "Diet"?-  Tom Venuto


General Health

Close the (Thigh) Gap- Jen Sinkler

No Sex Before Competition? The Medicine Behind the Myth- Traver H. Boehm, Breaking Muscle

Fitness Is... Optional- Blair Morrison, Tabata Times

When Was The Last Time You Did Something Spontaneous?- Steve, Nerdfitness

Freaks of Nature: When Biomechanics Go Out the Window- Dean Somerset


Fat Loss

What Happens to Your Brain When You Eat Junk Food (And Why We Crave It)- James Clear

How Eating Too Many Calories From Any Food Makes You Gain Fat-   Armi Legge, Impruvism.com

What Really Causes Irregular Menstrual Cycles in Female Athletes?- Vanessa Bennington, Breaking Muscle


Strength Training

A Lion in Iron: I Got YOKED on Correctives (NOT)- Alexander Cortes, Elitefts

The Minx: Bench Technique Ideas- Hannah Johnson, Elitefts

Lift Big by Bracing, Not Arching- Tony Gentilecore, T-Nation

How to Be the Worst Personal Trainer Ever!- Bret Contreras

How to Move Up in Weight and Use Bigger Kettlebells- Andrew Read




4 Supplements Every Woman Should Know About-  Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Fish Oils: 3 Things You Probably Knew, 3 Things You Probably Didn't- Examine

The Truth About Supplementation- Examine

The dental diet: 10 nutrition strategies for healthy teeth- Ryan Andrews, Precision Nutrition