From Jon: Each Sunday thePTDC will publishing a list of the top articles from around the web in 5 different categories: bodybuilding, general health, fat loss, strength training, and nutrition.

We scan the net, but if you'd like to submit your article for consideration, please send it to [email protected].

Our Choice for the Article of the Week

No, food is NOT fuel. (And, thankfully, you're not a Ferrari.) -- John Berardi, Brian St. Pierre, & Krista Scott-Dixon, Precision Nutrition

In the fitness business, we've heard this a lot: "Food is fuel." But that metaphor leaves out not just some but most of the importance of food in our lives. Food is not just calories; it's not just macros. Food is also micronutrients. And food is interaction with our body. And food is interaction with other people -- with friends, with family, with colleagues. The Precision Nutrition team breaks down the aspects of food left out by the "food is fuel" metaphor, asking us, instead, to think of food as a multifaceted story instead. James Fell wrote a good rebuttal to this article as well called Yes, Food is fuel and there is value in viewing it that way.


Turning Pro: 7 Mind Hacks -- Charles Staley, T-Nation (Our choice for Bodybuilding article of the week)

Reader Question of the Week: Do I Need to Train BOTH Sumo AND Conventional Deadlifts? -- Jordan Syatt

How To Achieve Maximal Abdominal Development -- Josh Hamilton

3 Ways To Build Muscle With Bodyweight Training -- Nick Nilsson,

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Deadstart DB Row -- David Rak,


General Health

The Angry Coach: How To Be a Fitness Guru -- The Angry Coach, Elitefts (Our choice for General Health article of the week)

3 Tips To Thrive During The Holiday Season -- Nia Shanks

Stretching Before and After Exercise -- Igor Klibanov, Fitness Solutions Plus

How Controlling Ourselves Can Help Change Others -- Deborah Fike, The Change Blog



Fat Loss

More Stupid Advice About Overeating on Thanksgiving -- Josh Hillis (Our choice for Fat Loss article of the week)

Resist Your Temptations. Solidify Your Willpower. (Forever.) -- Dani Shugart


Strength Training

Lunges Are for Sissies - Or Are They? -- Andrew Read, Breaking Muscle (Our choice for Strength Training article of the week)

The Specifics of Recovery, More or Less -- Dean Somerset

Training with Purpose: Utilizing Different Methods in a High Frequency Approach -- Gabriel Naspinski, Elitefts

Trouble with the Tilt - Correcting APT -- Elsbeth Vaino, T-Nation

Louie Simmons on Explosive Lockouts -- Jordan Syatt, T-Nation



Nutrition Advice with Team Elitefts -- Team Elitefts (Our choice for Nutrition article of the week)

The Research Method: Pre Workout Stimulants and Supplements (Part 2) -- Jonathon Mike, Elitefts

Why is Fiber Good For You? The Crunchy Truth -- Kris Gunnars, Authority Nutrition